Finally A Male Enhancement Device That Works Like Promised!!!!

Only men with small penises claim that the size does not matter. The same rule applies to women – those who do not want to disappoint their partners will always claim that the size is not the most relevant thing in the process. This is only a misconception though. The truth is that size does matter. Women will not hesitate to talk about it either, but they mostly do it in private conversations with their best friends. When it comes to men, the frustration associated with a small penis can lead to farther problems in the long run, such as an obvious lack of self esteem and confidence.

The good news is that you do have solutions. This is when SizeGenetics steps in to improve your sexual life. It is finally the time to quit on random exercises, pills that never work or devices that may cause irreversible damage. Instead, this safe male enhancement option has become a leading choice for men all over the world. It is among the best rated male enhancement solutions and can add a visible growth without any adverse reactions. Now, what are the most important features of this choice? What makes it so special and popular around the world?


The 2,800g of tension might represent the most important consideration in this top male enhancement. While this is not the first extender on the market, it seriously pushes quality standards to a new level, only to boost the efficiency. More tension means better results. Sure, tension can go higher than that, but this is close to the maximum stretching limit that the skin can take. There is simply nothing to worry about. Cells are torn apart in a non-painful procedure, while the body creates new, larger and stronger cells to face this kind of pressure. Larger cells mean larger organs, hence the penis increase.Sexy scene

The actual comfort is not to be overlooked either. You do not have to be a genius to realize that the more comfortable it feels, the more often you will use it. As a direct consequence, this best male enhancement product offers quicker results. young woman lying in bed and looking to men's genitalCustomization is a breeze. You have not less than 58 different settings in the comfort system, so there is no way to miss the best one for you. Other than that, it is obvious that SizeGenetics can fit any kind of shape. Not only it enlarges the penis, but it also maintains it straight. Men with curved penises will love the possibility to end up with straighter organs.

There are more reasons wherefore SizeGenetics has become one of the best rated male enhancement solutions out there. This is not the average penis extender made by who-knows-who in the middle of nowhere. Instead, the extender has been created in a tight collaboration with globally renowned health care leaders 3M. The unit comes with supportive technologies that adopt quality 3M comfort plasters. Thee plasters go under the device, only to prevent slipping and rubbing. The experience is not just comfortable, but it also prevents a series of risks. It takes a few days to get used to it, then it feels perfectly normal on the penis.

It is important to know that there are no financial risks taken with SizeGenetics. The best male enhancement product has been designed with quality in mind. The manufacturer is so confident in its results that the product comes with a money back warranty. The warranty expands over 180 days. You are less likely to use this warranty though, as the extender is medically tested and endorsed by doctors. However, knowing that you can get the money back if it fails will only add to your peace of mind. There are plenty of reviews and pictures regarding the results of this safe male enhancement solution, so you will lose the anxiety associated with such things.Photo of naked people - sexy girl and muscular guy

Apart from increasing the penile size, this top male enhancement product will also handle the micro penis syndrome – probably the hardest way for a man to cope with his sexual life. The micro penis syndrome is an actual affection. The patient’s penis is extremely small – normally shorter than a couple of inches. Having sex becomes a real problem. However, the psychological suffering is a lot more intense. The syndrome is quite rare, so most people are less likely to know anyone suffering from it. These statistics make the sufferer’s life even harder in the attempt to come up with a relationship.Sexy guy

On a different note, the bent penis syndrome is more popular. The condition is known as peyronies in the medical world. Not only this condition ruins the penile appearance, but it also causes plenty of discomfort. The sexual life is quite difficult and sometimes even impossible. Just like the micro penis syndrome, the bent penis one kills the self confidence. Fortunately, SizeGenetics will improve the penis in no time, hence its reputation as the best male enhancement product. It will not happen overnight though, but the correction will become visible in the long run.


  • Can be easily hidden in pants – just no skinny pants

  • Does not pose any health risks to the patient

  • Can increase the penile size, cure the micro penis syndrome and the bent penis syndrome

  • Patients obtain permanent results

  • Comes with clinically proven results and medical recommendations

surprised woman looking two construction meters with sure of himCons

  • Patience and commitment are mandatory for good final results

  • Results require weeks of everyday wear

  • It takes more than a week to get used to wearing it on a daily basis


As a short final conclusion, SizeGenetics may look similar to a classic penis extender. But as you dig deeper and analyse its features and capabilities, you realize that it takes the natural extension process to a brand new level. Not only it is more comfortable, but also more powerful and efficient. It is a top male enhancement product for a series of different situations. Apart from correcting erectile dysfunctions, it can do pretty much everything – from correcting curves to enlarging the penis size.